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Product description

Brand: Lu Yu

Product Name: Small grinding sesame oil

Quality level: Level

Ingredients: 100% black sesame

Process: Water Generation

Product specifications: 200ml

Shelf life: 18 months

Suggested usage: cold, oily

Storage conditions: cool, dry

Product introduction: This product is selected from the high-quality black sesame seeds of green food base. It is produced by traditional stone grinding process. It retains the natural nutrients rich in sesame seeds. It has rich and remarkable sesame flavor, which can be used for soup and cold salad. The filling and flavoring snacks can promote people's appetite, help digestion and absorption of food, and have high nutritional value, which is very popular among the people. The gift box highlights the characteristics of the mountains and seas and the innocence of Confucianism. It is a special gift for visiting and giving gifts to friends and relatives.

The cultivation of sesame in the Yellow River Delta region is endowed with unique geographical conditions. It belongs to the northern temperate continental climate and is recognized as the world sesame gold latitude line. The old sandstone of the Yellow River used to have good soil and good water quality. The soil and irrigation water are rich in nutrients, especially rich in trace elements needed for the growth of oil crops, which is conducive to the growth of sesame seeds. The ground temperature is suitable here, and the growth cycle is about 20 days longer than other sesame planting areas in China. During the sesame ripening period, the illumination time is long, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, which is particularly beneficial to the accumulation of various dry matter during the growth of sesame, forming a unique sesame in the Yellow River Delta. Quality.

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