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Production base

Modern Agriculture Wanmu Sesame Industry Demonstration Park (the first sesame culture science base in China) is located in the Chengdong Economic Development Zone of Wudi County. It is less than 3 kilometers away from the Wude East Exit of Binde Expressway and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Station. Lixiang Sesame Products Co., Ltd. invested and built, the first phase of investment reached more than 20 million yuan, the first phase of the park has been basically completed, and now there are more than 30 rooms (sets) of company offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, warehouses, etc. The Inner Culture Square also provides 2,000 people for outdoor entertainment and dining. It has successfully undertaken the 2018 County Farmers Harvest Festival and the Sesame Flower Festival. It also built open-air bonfire squares, shrimp and crab fishing parks, etc., providing cycling, training and outdoor groups for the majority of tourists. Activities, RV, open fire, organic vegetables, fruit picking, research and other comprehensive services.