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Middle-aged and elderly people have so many benefits in eating Lu Yuxiang oil, many people do not know

The sesame oil can add a lot of flavor to the dishes on our table, and it also has many functions and effects.


The sesame oil can add a lot of flavor to the dishes on our table, and it also has many functions and effects. Especially the middle-aged and older people have more unexpected benefits when eating sesame oil. Here, I want to take stock of the top 10 benefits for middle-aged and elderly people to eat sesame oil.

Treatment of rhinitis

In patients with chronic rhinitis, sterilized cotton balls are used to extract sesame oil and apply to the affected area of ​​the nasal cavity to relieve symptoms.

Protective scorpion

Drinking sesame oil often enhances the elasticity of the vocal cords, making the glottis flexible and powerful, and has a good recovery effect on hoarseness and chronic pharyngitis.

Remove age spots

Lecithin in sesame oil not only moisturizes the skin, but also removes ecchymoses, especially aging spots.

Protect gums and mouth

For middle-aged people with atrophy gums, especially those who have smoking and alcohol abuse habits, long-lasting sesame oil protects the gums and mouth.

Soften the blood vessels of the elderly

The sesame oil contains extremely rich vitamin E. Vitamin E is beneficial to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane and its normal physiological functions. It also reduces the accumulation of fat in the human body and has a good effect on softening blood vessels and maintaining blood vessel elasticity.

Promote the appetite of the elderly

The rich aroma of sesame oil can not only increase appetite, but also facilitate the absorption of nutrients for the elderly with digestive function. The digestion and absorption rate of the sesame oil itself is also high, up to 98%. Tao Hongjing, an ancient healthologist, called it "the best of the eight valleys."

Auxiliary treatment of bronchitis, etc.

People with bronchitis and emphysema who drink scented oil before going to sleep at night can significantly reduce cough.

Promote cholesterol metabolism

The sesame oil contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which are easily extracted by the human body to promote the metabolism of cholesterol and help to eliminate deposits on the walls of arterial blood vessels, thereby shielding the blood vessels.

Prevent hair loss and early white hair

Middle-aged and elderly people use sesame oil for a long time, and can also prevent hair loss and premature gray hair.

Promote defecation in the elderly and prevent constipation

A large amount of oil in sesame oil, as well as a good laxative effect, has a certain preventive effect and curative effect on constipation.