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The story of ShiLixiang

During the Tang dynasty, there was a teenager in the family. He was kind and modest, and he was responsible for his duties. One day, when he was on his way home, he encountered an old man who was inconvenient to walk because of a fall and his legs. So he kindly sent him back home and went to several miles. The old man said that it was no problem, and removed the porcelain bottle and one side from the package. Let Ren surnamed a teenager to the front Hanfu, the young boy promised to go, knowing that the sesame oil in the porcelain bottle can cure Miss Han’s strange disease, so he took care of it for a few days. Because of his special status, the young boy will recover from the illness of Miss Han Jia. Quietly leaving, the Korean celebrities looked around, and the old man appeared, leading Han to find a teenager and promote good.

Since then, the couple have set up the oil workshop, and they have worked hard for their young customers. They have finally created the “Shilixiang sesame oil” of the Mingjia side. This period of the previous year’s story has been passed down to the present. The ancestor of Shilixiangxiang Oil, the sesame oil passed down from generation to generation is now a symbol of innocent local flavor.

What is recorded in history is the indissoluble bond between Shilixiangxiang and Su Shi. Song Shenzong Yuanfeng was in the five years. During his tenure in Huangzhou, Su Shi came to Luzhou to visit Shishishan. On that day, he was full of glory. The scent of the nose is very attractive. He asked him if he had a lot of research on the diet. "He tastes very fragrant," and he followed the scent. The journey took about ten miles. When he saw a oil mill, the fragrance was released. Su Shi was deeply Intoxicated here, saying that "this is the first box in the world", and then wrote the plaque of "Shili Xiangfang", the plaque and the oldest stone mill in China, 300 years ago, hammer, bronze, oil mill One of the collections is now in the Shilixiang Historical Museum, which has become the memory of the years of Lu Yushi Lixiang. It is also the brand of the brand created by the operators in the process of word-of-mouth inheritance.


Today's Shilixiang

The company has now developed into a professional manufacturer of sesame products with 120 employees and an area of 50,000 square meters. The products have passed the certification of green food and halal food, and are the leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, Shandong Province. A designated production enterprise for tourism products.

At that time, Shilixiang Mill has continued to grow and develop after hundreds of years of inheritance. The current Shilixiang R&D team is integrated with modern science and technology on the basis of traditional crafts, and has more than 20 national patents. The ancient Chinese traditional crafts have been carried forward, and the high-quality small oils produced by the company have been sold to major cities in the country and exported to Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and are well received by consumers. Favor.